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PCCCA LogoThe March issue of Branches Online, the enewsletter of the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association, is available online. You can see all of the latest news and resources by checking out this new issue. You will also find the February issue here. If you did not receive these issues in your email inbox, you can subscribe by sending your email address to

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Good Things Happen When Denominations Work Together

Representatives from PCCCA, United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries (UMCRM), the United Church of Canada, Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (LOM), Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers (ECCC), and the Outdoor Ministry Association of the United Church of Christ (OMA-UCC) gathered together on March 18-21 for a meeting of the Outdoor Ministries Connection at Lutheran Hills Camp (Morgantown, IN). The group discussed the current projects of OMC including the 2019 Great Gathering at Lake Junaluska, Interim Director Training, and the oversampling with the American Camp Association's upcoming survey. The group took time to visit the headquarters of the American Camp Association to talk about how ACA and the outdoor ministry associations could partner more in the future. It is always great when the OMC comes together for a meeting. It shows us how much can be accomplished when we work together with our ecumenical partners. If the 2019 Great Gathering is not yet on your calendar, please make plans now for the joint annual conference that will bring together camp and retreat leaders from across the denominations. It will be held at on November 10-14, 2019 at Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center in North Carolina.

34 Member Discounts!

We now have 34 member discounts! As a part of the benefits you receive through membership, PCCCA offers these special discounts on different products and services related to camps and conference centers. Utilizing two or more of these company discounts could save you more money than you pay in membership dues. You can check out the list by going to the PCCCA website. If you are a current PCCCA member, we hope you will login to the Resources page on the PCCCA website and utilize these discounts for your ministry. If you are not yet a member, you can join or renew at

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