From the PCCCA Board President

Kevin CarteeSabbatical – (noun) a time of rest and renewal, a time for focusing on personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

At our Spring meeting, the PCCCA Board approved a sabbatical plan for Joel Winchip, our Executive Director, that seeks to recognize and honor the diligent work achieved over the last 12 years. This Sabbatical, totaling 12 weeks, will be divided into two six-week blocks over the next two summers. The first Sabbatical period will run from May 27 until July 5. 

As our Executive Director, Joel has very capably led us through periods of growth and transition, while also organizing and directing the day-to-day operations and special programs and projects that are so important to our PCCCA family. 

This Sabbatical plan is also designed to be about strengthening the future of the PCCCA! In addition to much deserved rest, Joel’s sabbatical energies will engage him in observation of cutting-edge and innovative programs, organizations and facilities and learning opportunities beyond ordinary “continuing education.” 

As Joel prepares for his Sabbatical time, we are preparing, too! The Board is working with Joel to assure that essential work continues during his time away. We are finalizing details and will publicize additional information soon that will include contact information and coverage plans for the sabbatical period. I want to invite you to join us in preparation by praying for God’s blessing upon this time of enrichment and sabbath for Joel.

More details on who to contact during Joel's sabbatical will be made available in the May issue of Branches (and will be included in the autoreply when you send an email to between May 27 and July 5).

Your PCCCA Board President,

Kevin Cartee